Premium Features

Omni-Channel Capabilities

Send customers directly to your URL to help them achieve their goals.  iQuantifi's platform can send data to the appropriate channel to fill out an application, open an account, and more. 

Predictive Insights

(Data & Analytics)

Use our advanced data analytics to produce customized reporting and gain in-depth customer insight.  With more than 10,000 data points collected, you can improve your customer service as well as increase conversion and retention.

Financial Score

Offer an integrated point system that encourages your customers to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.  This includes purchasing your products and services to keep them on track.  It can also integrate with a current rewards system.

Net Worth Builder

The Net Worth Builder determines your customers' net worth with relativity to their peers.  With five year projections, customers can see where they will be if they follow the recommendations on the Action List that include your products and services.