Core Product and Features

iQuantifi's Core system brings intelligent automation that engages your customers.  The platform automatically solves for retirement and college savings (if the user has minor children under the age of 18) without being prompted. The system will automatically calculate cash reserve needs and make life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance recommendations to the user, if applicable.  After the system has solved for retirement, protections, debts and college savings, the user may add additional goals to their Timeline.


Standalone Products

iQuantifi has developed multiple standalone products that can be seamlessly integrated with your technology.  Offer your customers innovative ways to find more money in their budget, accelerate their debt payoff, consolidate their student loans, and more.  You can leverage our sophisticated software tools to acquire new customers and service current clients.  


Increase the conversion rate of your home loan programs.

Using advanced analytics, this software tool identifies the most appropriate home loan within your program that a customer would qualify for using your underwriting parameters. See video!


Increase the conversion rate of your auto loan programs.

This lead generation software tool identifies the most appropriate car loan within your program that a customer would qualify for using your underwriting parameters increasing conversion rates. See video!


Increases the conversion rate of your student loan refinancing and consolidation programs.

Takes multiple loans and consolidates them under a refinancing plan. Detailed payments and a strategic approach are mapped out for your customers in recommending your student loans. See video!


An intelligent program for improving cash flow.

The CashFinder helps consumers filter through their monthly cash flow in order to find additional resources. This customizable product filters Discretionary and Committed expenses through proprietary algorithms and identifies funds that can be applied to savings, debt payoff, and goal achievement. 


Designed to payoff both revolving and installment debts in the shortest timeframe possible.

Analyzes multiple types of debt and creates an actionable plan to accelerate payoff with available resources. Using this tool frees up cash flow to apply toward other things, such as goals and investments.


Analyzes purchase capability and creates a savings plan.

Introduce your customers to instant analysis of purchase capabilities both now and in the future. This software tool develops a clear savings roadmap to afford those purchases. Tie this into your layaway programs, Christmas savings plans, or other savings programs promoted by your institution.